"Art is never finished, only abandoned"

- Leonardo da Vinci

Wanna know a little more about us?

Leonardi da Vinci once said "Art is never finished, only abandonded." At Abandoned Palette our goal is to make art easy and accessible by bringing the supplies to you and helping you create a masterpiece. We hope to make art, and all of it's benefits, a bigger part of YOUR life. With a little help you can feel satisfied abandoning your palette!


        My name is Alysha Zyglocke-Eadie and I am the founder of Abandoned Palette Studios. I have a wonderful Husband and 4 beautiful children. Art has been my passion for as far back as I can remember, through the good and the bad. My passion for art is what has driven me to found Abandoned Palette Studios and I would like to share that passion with anybody willing to let me share it with them.

        With this passion, the skills I acquired earning an associate’s degree in Fine Art from Monroe Community College, a very resilient form of ambition, and a lifetime of experience; I hope to show anyone willing to listen that they  have the ability to create masterpieces.